The Himalayan Singing Bowls we offer are hightest quality authenticated old bowls. After years of Buddhist pilgrimage in the Himalayan regions we have been favored by deep trusting relations by the Tibetans who collect the ancient Bowls, in a honorable fashion, and authenticate. Each Bowl is a powerful intrinsically healing tool. Sizes and prices below are average and will certainly vary.

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Our unique and highly effective manner of choosing your instruments includes hearing them (and seeing them in real time if you have SKYPE) as well as an education about the instrument you are purchasing.

Do you want to use a bowl for meditation? for healing? both? on yourself? as a gift? in a class? with animals? for recording purposes? to clear space? Do you need just one bowl? several? All these things make a difference in your selection process. You do not get this kind of help when you purchase off the internet from a site that just sells bowls.. The education and attention to usage can only be gotten through a careful intake of your needs. That is exactly what you get with us. We spend time with you to determine the exact nature of your needs and we education you on the options you have in meeting those needs. Then we propose a selection of instruments for you to hear and or see. If you alreaady have some bowls we make sure they will harmonize with the ones you will get from us. You cannot find this kind of personal service anywhere else. When you purchase with us, you are getting high quality and years of experience because we are educators and healers not just bowl merchants.

We work with you in person or by phone to select the type and tone that is perfect for your needs. Email me and we will find a match for your needs.

Contact me at or call (619) 994-8151

Sign up for Skype and you can see and hear the instruments in real time. Prices below do not include shipping.



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Tibetan bowls

Jambati, (Tibetan), large, average size 11'diameter x 6"tall , transcendent wisdom & grounding. Average price $500-$700 (far back)

Jambati, (Tibetan), average size, 9.25" diameter x 4.25" tall ... transcendent wisdom. Average price, 395.00 - $450 (back right)

Larger Minipuri Heart Bowls, average size of 8" diameter x 3." tall, price range $240-$280 (left)

Manipuri 'Tibetan Heart' Bowls, average size 6.5" diameter x 2.25" tall useful for opening heart chakra ... Average price, 135.00 (center)

Tibetan Third Eye bowls - 5"diameter x 2" tall. Average price, $110.00 USD (right)


Bhutanese Bowls

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Bhutanese Bowls

Thadobati, (Bhutan), average size 6.75" diameter x 3.5" tall ... useful for physical healing . Average price, 290.00 -$340

Small Thadobati (Bhutanese) Bowls, average size 4" diameter x 2" tall .... useful for opening 3rd eye. Average price, $110.00 USD


Ganta/Dorje Sets Divine Feminine & Masculine

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Ganta/Dorje Sets Divine Feminine & Masculine

We have a large selection of gantas and dorje's both ancient and new, but all high quality with pure, resonant tones. Sizes range:

Large- 4-1/2" diameter x 8-1/2" tall $50-$110

Medium-3-1/4"diameter x 6-1/2"tall $45-$60

Small- 2-3/4"diameter x 5-1'2"tall-avg price $40

Special sets are available with more detailed engravings. Email for info



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Practitioner Quality- $45 (left) no longer available

Temple Tingshas- $65 (right)

I prefer the temple tingshas as they seem to carry the sound longer and have less chatter. This is great for the diagnostic usage of the instrument.

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We have a range of mallets including gongers ( far right), felt covered ( for striking) and leather covered or wood( for singing) The leather brings out the lower tones in the bowl and creates a stronger vibration; the wood brings out the higher tones. Average price $12




The padded rings are decorative and useful for storage of your Singing Bowls. Made of 100% cotton brocade they are strong and well crafted. Sizes; smallest 4" diameter (5.00); #2 - 4.75"d (6.00); #3 - 5.5"d. (7.00); #4 - 6.5"d (9.00) & largest 8"d. (12.00)



Gongs: Note: sound clips don't begin to do justice to these instruments. If you call me I may be able to play them for you on the phone.


I can get any Paiste Gong for you. These are the kind of gongs you would get if you wanted to invest in the best. No sound byte can do justice to these instruments. Call me to discuss any of these. Prices do not include shipping.

38" Earth or Sun, 36"Pluto, 32" Mars, Mercury & Saturn, 30" Platonic year, 28" Jupiter & Day Sidreal, 26" Venus, Uranus, Neptune & Synodic, 24" Moon Sidereal & 32" Chiron.

Earth Gong 38"

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Earth Gong 38" C# $3136.00 plus shipping

The earth gong is tuned to the frequency of the earth as it wobbles around the sun. It sounds like the innards of the earth.. beautiful, deep and profound.

Plaent Chiron Gong #32

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Planet Chiron Gong 32" D# $1900 plus shipping

Named after a Greek Centaur who was a teacher & mentor and tuned to the newest discovered planet, this is known as the Peace Gong. A deeply cosmic layering of sounds this instrument is magnificient.

Planet Moon Gong "24

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Planet Moon Gong 24" plus shipping

Synodic: G# $1000

Sidereal: A# $860

The moon represents the feminine aspects of our nature and helps us to access feelings, stimulate growth, balance, creativity and the evolution of the nervous system
Other Paiste Gongs tuned to the Planets are also available.. Let me know what you are looking for.

Great Chinese Gongs

Wind Gong 14"

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Wind Gong- 18"-$135-, 22"-$149 (stand not included) plus shipping

I have the 22". Sweet shimmering sound around the edges and a nice crecendo possible in the center. And isn't this stand lovely?

Listen: 22"

Listen 14"


Heng Gong 14"

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Chau Gong- 18"- $139, 22"- $195 plus shipping

I use the CHAU in private sessions and it is wonderful to move around and up and down the body. Lots of great tones on the front and rim and it expands into a wonderful expansive GGOOOONNNGG. Mine is the larger one so a bit heavy but I can still hold it and move around.

Listen 14"




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The WHITE GONG - 18" - $149, 20"- $169 plus shipping

This gong mixes the design of the CHAU GONG, which includes a rim to the gong, letting the gong start deep, but then it raises up its overtones and gives you delightful and unique harmonics.



Wuhan Metal gong Stand

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Wuhan Metal Gong Stands

70 cm for gongs 20"- 22"- $115 plus shipping

requires some easy assembly and is adjustable





If you are not satisfied with our products you may returnunused or dammaged goods for full refund within 10 days (excluding shipping). Refund excludes downloads. NOTE: Shipping Prices quoted are for the USA. Orders outside of the US must contact us for shipping quote. We ship USPS Priority mail with insurance in the USA. Shopping cart trouble? Call (619) 994-8151 or email:

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