"Di谩ne, thank you for being a part of our Administrative Team Staff Retreat. Starting the day with a sound healing workshop was a terrific way to set the tone of the day." E Nehls ,Museum of Contemporary Arts, San Diego

" It was a good place to start fresh and in a good mood. It also reminded me that I need to work on relaxing."

" I really enjoyed the sound healing session. I felt very comfortabel meeting Di谩ne not knowing a thing about sound healing. The history of the Tibetan bowls and their power to heal and center your spirit helped me engage in the session"


Di谩ne is available to speak to business, civic or special interest groups on issues of wellness, sound healing and bringing spirit into the workplace. She can also conduct interactive presentations or workshops for your school or business..
A Custom Sound Healing Workshop to meet your particular needs is wonderfully soothing, spiritual and re-vitalizing experience for a whole family, group of friends or staff. It is effective in creating better workplace communication, teamwork and workplace spirituality. Create a very special ambiance at home or workplace in a gentle and creative manner. Rates subject to size of group.
CONTACT US to discuss your particular needs.


Di谩ne is a Certified Sound Healing Instructor and can teach a number of related courses at your School such as:

"Introduction to Sound Healing"

"Develop Your Intuition"

'Use Sound for Meditation and Healing"

"Explore the Divine Feminine"


Programs in Sound Healing, Intuition Development, Energy of Attraction, Divine Feminine have been presented at:

San Diego State University, San Marcoss, CA 2009-2011
The Golden Door, Escondido,CA 2009-2011
Rancho La Puerta, Mexico 2009-2011
San Diego Cancer Center, Encinitas, CA 2008-2011
New Thought Churches Phoenix, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Yuma, Carlsbad -ongoing
Tibetan Meditation Center - Escondido 2010 & 2011
Kayenta Growth Center, St. George, Utah 2007
The Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA 2004,2005&2006
Tibetan Healing Center, San Diego, CA 2004
Kaiser Permantente- Postive Choice, San Diego, CA 2004
SouthWestern Yacht Club, San Diego, CA 2004
Brightside Children's Center, Del Mar, CA 2004
The Well Within, Encinitas, CA 2003 - 2004
Spiritual Living Center, Flagstaff, AZ 2004
Blue Ray, Durrango, AZ 2004
JB Victoria's, CA, Leucadia, CA 2004
Vitality College of Healing, Encinitas & San Marcos, CA 2003 & 2004
SK Sanctuary, La Jolla, CA 2004
Fletcher Associates, Amherst, MA 2003
The Yoga Room, Pacific Beach, CA 2003
The Sports Club, L.A., Boston, MA, 2002
Whole Being Weekend, Idywild, CA 2003-2004-2006
Options Wholistic Learning Center, Northampton, MA  1999 & 2000
Whole Health Expo, Northampton, MA  1999& 2000
Kripalu ( Assistant Teacher for Energy Balancing Intensive) 1998 & 1999
Northwest Connecticut Community College Holistic Health Conference, 1999

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