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Tibetan Bowl Video classes -live and recorded are available HERE. Register for any of my classes there that include: What You Need To Know about Tibetan Bowls,(free class), How to Clear Space with Tibetan Instruments, Tibetan Sound Healing and Your Pets, Meditation and Self-Healing with Just One -Three Bowls, Sacred Geometry, Power Language and more.. Keep checking back on the site for new offerings.

Recorded Live stream Concerts availalbe.. Tibetan Bowls, Gong with DIane Mandle and Richard Rudis. HERE

RECORDED GONG CLASSES with Richard Rudis - Contact Diane



NOW AVAILABLE- professional quality digital concerts, workshops and meditations for small or large groups. We now have the technology to create as close to 'in-person" experience as possible. Call to schedule.
2024 Workshops

Diane's Workshops in France Sept 28& 29 Advanced 1 in La Capelle, October 7-12 Intro workshop at l'Abbaye de Valsaintes. Contact Diane for details and to register

Nov 15-17 Intro Workshop with Diane & David in Portland OR Contact Diane to Register. $500 ONLINE ZOOM Workshops. Free Teleclass Dec 5th, 5pm PST

5 Week ZOOM Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing Workshop Dates TBA

Working effectively with the Tibetan sound healing instruments takes knowledge and practice.
Anyone can strike or sing bowls in a pattern- but resolving issues and empowering others while
doing no harm requires more. Much more. In this five- part series you will be introduced to working with the Tingsha, Ganta/dorje and Singing bowls. There will be instruction, practice and sharing in an inter-active zoom context. Every week you will have homework and you will need one good pair of tingshas, one
ganta/dorje set and at least one bowl. (You can purchase high quality instruments to practice
with from me). If you wish to go further after the series you may register for the 3- day in-person
intensive where you will learn how to conduct a one-on -one sound healing). This series is a
great start; each evening will be two hours long. 5-7pm PST. ( Recordings will be available for
those who cannot attend the live events but you will not have to opportunity to interact with Diane or other participants.)

Week 1- Introduction to the instruments: Their history, symbolism and tasks.
You will learn how to play them correctly on a spectrum using volume, pace, rhythm and

Week 2. How to Use Sound to Clear Space. You will receive the Space Clearing
ebook to work withon your own after the class.

Week 3 - & 4 . Conducting a Small Group Meditation. You will learn one
powerful self- meditation technique with the bowls. You will learn about creating the context
for the event, creating intention, stories, Bringing the group into an alpha/theta brainwave
state, techniques for the meditation, integrating other instruments and more. You will have a
break to practice what you have learned so far.

Week 5
Open forum for student sharing, questions answered and a surprise protocol to ground energy.

Cost: $275.00 (includes recording) Recording Only- $125. Recordings will also be available with French subtitles.
Register via PayPal at TBA

“Diáne is a captivating, effective and inspiring speaker whose presence, topic information, and
skill at using the singing bowls combine to command student/listener attention and
engagement… Diáne nearly always has the effect of transforming and broadening students’
understanding of health and healing, and as such, she has become pivotal to class discussions
and the course in general‚ÄĚ.
Pamela Godde, Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, California State
University, San Marcos


House & Office Concerts, Privates & Space Clearing: Shift the energy in your space, gather with friends and family for a transformative deepening- a rich and intimate experience of creating and energizing intention specific to your needs & desires.CALL 619-994-8151 to schedule a concert or program for a private group.


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