Resources for Sound Healing

Sacred Sound instruments, such as the Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gantas/Vajras and Tingshaws are used to heighten our awareness and focusing energies for the purpose of awakening chakra centers, balancing and harmonizing bodily functions, and dispelling negative emotions, (hindrances). For those who are interested in more pure science, concepts and studies of bio-energentics, vibro-tactile rhythmic patterning, therapeutic sound studies, psycho-acoustic therapy and mind-body connection research is available. Here are some good sources of information. We would love to add your suggestions to our list. Feel free to contact us.


Reference reading/contacts:

David Ison, TheraSound
John Beaulieu, Ph.D., Energy Medicine and Sound Healing
Molly Scott, Resonance Therapy
Barbara Hero, Pythagorean Lambdoma
Boris Mourashkin, bio-energentics Psycho tropic Music
John Beaulieu, Ph.D., BioSonic (Pythagorean Tuning Forks)
Russell Paul, (a Benedictine monk at ashram in India)
Benedict Howard, Sacred Sound-Sacred Geometry
Karen Nissenson, Music Therapist
Mary Lynn Kittelson, Sounding the Psyche, (Auditory Archetypes)
Susan Alexander, MA, DNA Vibrational Frequencies
Marcia Jenneth Epstein, Ph.D., Sound Therapist
Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics
Patricia Lynn Mann, R.N., M.S., Founder of Center for Sound Healing
Kate Marks, Ph.D., Circle of Song
Kay Garner, Sounding the Inner Landscape
Nada Brahma, The World of Sound Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Brainwave Suite

Sound Healers Association, Boulder, CO
National Association for Music Therapy, Silver Spring, Md.

Other Richard Rudis, Illuminarium -

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