Teleclasses help you communicate with like minded people from around the world who are learning and sharing their expertise from the comfort of your home. We have occassional live teleclasses that will always be announced in our newsletter and emailed to students. We also have MP3 downloads for purchase on a varity of subjects pertaining to sound healing.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Teleclass MP3: Each one hour teleclass taken from a live session features:

- A presentation about a different aspect of the bowl & energy work
- Answers to practitioner questions
- Sharing of information and techniques between participants

The teleclass helps you develop your skills with the Sacred Sound instruments and meet others who are involved in this modality. For those who have purchased the Ancient Sounds home study course, it is a way to keep on track and receive support during your learning process. For the schedule of live teleclasses go to our other site ( and click on 'registration'

Space Clearing Teleclass MP3: This informative and practical lesson teaches you the ANATOMY OF A SPACE CLEARING SESSION and how to:

- Use the Tibetan Tingshas and Singing bowls to Clear Space,
- Create Intentions that work
-Integrate your own elements into the Ceremony

Download the link for a live class and listen at your leisure. $15 ( this teleclass is included as a bonus when you order the Space Clearing Ebook for only $22)

Teleclass MP3 ONLY ($15)

Teleclass MP3 and Instructional E-book ($22)

Teleclass Downloads: NOTE: Most teleclasses have now been made into Ebooks with graphics. A few MP3 downloads of some Sound Healing Teleclasses are available below. Each class focuses on the use of the Tibetan bowls for the following subjects and features discussion by participants: Make sure to check your trash folder after you order as it may wind up there) $12 each. ) Ebooks on the Chakras and a variety of other topics are available here

Gemstones: What kind of gemstones are effective to use during sound healing and why.

Toning: Guest Presenter Wayne Perry ( nationally known overtone master, author and educator)

Toning: Guest Presenter Jill Mattson ( historical and biological perspectives)

Space clearing Tool Packs are available for purchase. Click here for more info and to order


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