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Ancient Sounds  

Ancient Sounds for a New Age

Ancient Sounds for a New Age is an introInternational Award Winnerduction to and overview of sound healing with Himalayan instruments. It offers a clear idea of what is needed to learn and practice for anyone who decides to enter the field, and serves as an instructional tool to that end. Di谩ne has combined techniques from other fields that have proven very effective for her clients and describe these in the book which includes a video link.

254 pages of sound healing information, illustrations, protocols, graphics and an instructional video link. The book is available in French as well (see below). I have several copies in the US if you reside here.

Ancient Sounds Book: $22 PLEASE ORDER FROM AMAZON> I Have no stock left. - send me the receipt and I will send you a link to the new video (since the old video link in the book doesn't work).


Ancient Sounds EBook $11.95

Ancient Sounds EBook plus Return to OM mp3 $16.95

Ancient Sounds Book Also Available in French

Ancient Sounds EBook Also Available in French

Ancient Sounds  

Workshop Edition Home Study Ebook -Ancient Sounds for a New Age

ATTEN STUDENTS: This has been replaced and added to in the regulare Ancient Sounds book available on Amazon. FOr the purposes of the workshops students need to only read and study the 1st 82 pages. I will also send a link to a short instructional video that goes with the book when you order. Just email me with your Amazon receipt and I will send the video.



How to Clear Space

Check Out Our Large Selection Instructional Sound Healing E-Books

IF you want to deepen your understanding and mastery of working with specific issues then these ebooks will help you. Each E-Book covers a specific area of sound healing with the sacred sound instruments and contains detailed descriptions as well as layout diagrams to help you deepen your understanding and mastery. The complete set of working with the chakras is now available, and many more topics to come. The ebooks replace the teleclasses as more are added, they will be removed from the teleclass list. See the list and descriptions of each ebook.

See all the EBooks


WORKSHOP VIDEOS (AND DVD’S where available)

Not everyone can attend a hands-on workshop. That is why you can now view workshop videos online and obtain all the same student handouts as if you were here. Our video series is accessible, affordable and comes with the opportunity to have personal mentoring sessions via skype as well to help you integrate the information and process. You can also choose to become Certified in your own time link to https://www.tibetanbowlschool.com/certification.html聽 or not!聽 No more expensive shipping costs either!聽 Here is what is available:

Workshop DVD's

INTRO WORKSHOP- (link to a 4 video set & all handouts) - $50

This workshop deepens your knowledge and experience with each of the sacred sound instruments you have encountered in the home study pre-requisite ( Ancient Sounds for a New Age). 聽You will learn to listen more deeplyto the information the bowls provide, learn how tu tune a bowl, clear charkas with crystals and much more.聽 聽It is best to go through one section at a time- find a few people to practice on, and then go to the next section. That is how we do it in the workshop. Keep track of your observations and questions for a future mentoring session with me.

Workshop DVD's

Conference Workshop Video

In a three hour video Di谩ne presents the fine points of working with the Tibetan bowls followed by a concert at the prestigious Menla Sound Healing Conference. Appropriate for beginning to advanced students. Only $19.99



MENTORNG SESSIONS- Normally $50 per 陆 h r- Buy 4 sessions for $180 ( use anytime)




ADVANCED 1 WORKSHOP- (link to a 2 video set & all handouts ) $22

Advanced tingsha, ganta/dorje techniques, Governing and Conceptual vessel layout on the back, Core question technique, elemental lines with the ganta, guided visualizations to strengthen confidence and more

ADVANCED 2 WORKSHOP- (link to 1 video & all handouts ) $20

Stage Yoga layout front and back, (a bowl layout for advanced transmutation)聽 sacred geometry, new energy work and visualizations for releasing pain, emotions, working with the lower chakras and more.

ADVANCED 3 WORKSHOP (link to a 3 video set & all handouts) $30

The amazing Mind Drops and Heart Drops layout, working with color, gemstones, pendulum, blow your mind visualizations for releasing attachments, increasing your intuitive power activity and more.聽 (Some DVD’s of this workshop are still available for $35 plus shipping)



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The Dharma of Vibrational Healing

(60 min) This DVD/movie by Karma Sonam Dorje takes you on a journey through the Dharma teachings associated with the Tibetan Sacred Sound instruments. In the background is his incredible Gong Bath.The images are glorious and the information is a wonderful addition to any students library of "good stuff". If you only want to hear the beautiful sound track and without the words, it is also possible to do that with this DVD. $20.00聽 Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.

Diane now offers live and recorded online video classes via a site called Learn It Live. You can register for any of my live or recorded classes there with the link below.So far classes include: What You Need To Know about Tibetan Bowls, How to Clear Space with Tibetan Instruments, Tibetan Sound Healing and Your Pets, Meditations and Self-Healing with Just One -Three Bowls. Keep checking back on the site for new offerings. 聽https://www.learnitlive.com/invite/DianeMandle


Zoom Classes

Zoom Class Download

Zoom Class Download

This class is an edited zoom class on Space Healing. It offers a solid foundation for performing space clearing and includes an instructional ebook for you and for your client.

Space Healing Zoom Class $20



Zoom Class Download

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Zoom Class Download

This class is an edited zoom class on Dharma of Sound Healing. The understanding of what you bring to the modality is just as important as what you do. This class examines the spiritual aspects of sound healing

Dharma of Sounds Healing Zoom Class $15



Short Video Downloads

How to use just one to three bowls. Lots of people have a bowl or two at home and would love to have some tips on how to use them for meditation personal development and healing. This series will show you several simple and effective techniques for doing just that..Only $5 per video.

Breathing the Bowl

Breathing the Bowl

My favorite technique for meditating with a bowl. It will bring you into a wonderful zone of becoming the sound.

Grounding and energizing

Grounding and Energizing

Two simple, effective excersizes. One is for diminshing stress and anxiety through grounding. The other is to raise your level of energy.

Balancing Technique


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Just being alive can pull you in so many directions. Our brains are overloaded with information; our bodies full of environmental toxins. This technique will help to balance the hemispheres of your brain and pull you back into aligment.

Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation

These are techniques to do while on your back on the floor or in bed. Helps diminish emotional upset, generalized pain orif you just need to let go and open your heart.

How to Choose A Tibetan Bowl

How to Choose a Tibetan Bowl.

This longer video (20 minutes) introduces you to a variety of types of bowls, some of their history and healing properties. It also shows what to look for in a quality bowl and more. $10


Teleclass Download

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Teleclass Downloads

($12)These MP3's provide instruction and lively discussion on how to use the Singing bowls, Gemstones,and Toning. All other formere teleclasses have n ow been made into ebooks that contain additional information and graphics... CLICK FOR TELECLASS DOWNLOADS


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