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Sound Healing Concert Videos, CD'S and MP3's by Diáne Mandle

Highly effective CD's to help you experience better sleep, communication, meditation, intuition, concentration, memory and energy. Listen to them for deep relaxation, stress reduction or to access the alpha and theta brain waves that contribute to meditation and out of body experience.

Diane's Europe Concert Video  


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New Video ReleaseEurope Concert

Diáne s first concert in Europe.. Lie back with good headphones and enjoy this concert thta will awaken, soothe and inspire your spirit. $15

Sacred Sounds Compassion Meditation  


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New Video ReleaseSacred Sounds Diáne Mandle Compassion Meditation

Diáne gently guides us to those parts of ourselves and invites us to reconnect with our sense of compassion and forgiveness. $15

Sacred Sounds Diane Mandle Creativity Meditation  


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New Video ReleaseSacred Sounds Diáne Mandle Creativity Meditation

This is a sound healing meditation to access reservoirs of creativity. This Tibetan bowl experience will focus on merging the energies of the divine masculine and feminine found in the sacral and solar plexus chakras. $15

Finding the Gift Richard and Diane  


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New Video ReleaseFinding the Gift in the Wound Richard and Diáne

Diáne and Richard Rudis join forces to create a journey of Gratitude and Empowerment. $15

Richard Rudis Entering the Bardo  


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New Video ReleaseRichard Rudis Entering the Bardo

Using dynamic acoustical principles found in Vajrayana, sacred geometry and polyrhythmic practices we will empower our inner worlds of cellular healing, emotional balance and spiritual awakening. $15

Richard Rudis Devine Feminine Gong Bath  


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New Video ReleaseRichard Rudis Devine Feminine Gong Bath


Using sacred geometry and harmonic structures this Gong Bath™ experience is designed to support and celebrate our innate feminine energies. $15


Being Well: The Journey  




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Being Well: The Journey

Guided Meditations byDiáne Mandle w/Tibetan Bowls, Gongs & Sacred Sound Instruments. Each of the three 15-20 minute visualizations within this series is designed to reawaken and strengthen as specific area of consciousness that can help the listener access wholeness. ( Opening the Heart, Becoming Whole, Inner Healer) HELPS WITH UNRESOLVED ISSUES, UNCOVERING THE SOURCE OF EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL PAIN/SUFFERING, DEEPENING SPIRITUAL PATH, GAINING CONFIDENCE AND SELF LOVE. $19.50 in the USA. Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.

Opening the Heart

Becoming Whole

Divine Inner Healer


Download Being Well Now as an MP3 Only $10 NOTE- after you order this I will send you a link to download asap)

Returning to OM

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

For centuries, the sound of Tibetan metal bowls has guided us into deep states of healing and meditation. Intended for meditation, massage, energy healing, or deep relaxation, the singing bowls in this spacious acoustic recording are struck and voiced in specific rhythmic patterns and tunings to create therapeutic sound harmonics. The result? A gentle, focusing attunement of brainwaves to frequencies that ease the body’s stress response and restore a deep sense of well-being. Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing uses these principles to weave a tapestry of toning vibrations that relax the sympathetic nervous system, allow the body to heal, and invite us into expanded states of consciousness.$20.00 includes S&H in USA. Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.

Enter Two Waters

Return to OM

This CD is available as an MP3 on www.soundstrue.com



Sarasvati's Dream






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Sarasvati's Dream

A Devotional Sound escape for Healing & Transformation. Diáne Mandle & Friends. Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo, Vocals & Sacred Sound Instruments. This is a journey through a multi textured dream full of rich, atmospheric tones and nuances. $. IF YOU FEEL CREATIVELY STUCK, THIS CD IS GREAT TO MOVE YOU BACK INTO YOUR GROOVE. LOVELY TO CREATE AN INTIMATE ATMOSPHERE CONDUCIVE TO GOOD COMMUNICATION. GOOD ALSO TO STIMULATE DREAMING. 19.50 includes S&H in USA.Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.

Nectar of the Soul




Download Sarasvati's Dream Now as an MP3 Only $10 NOTE - (after you order this I will send you a link to download asap)


Terma-Yana CD

A glorious Sound Mandala created with the multi-tonal voice and soothing harmonies of a large Earth Gong.$19.50 in USA includes shipping. Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.

Pilgrim's Prayer

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Pilgrim's Prayer CD

was articulated using the uniquely expressive voices of a 38” Paiste Planetary Earth Gong, an ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tingsha, overtone voices and field recordings from the Tibetan plateau. Composed of an alchemy of metal and sacred geometry their voices alter space, mind and time. $19.50. Email for me international shipping prior to placing order.


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