Sound Healing for Pets


As effective as sound energy healing with Tibetan bowls is for people, it is even more so with dogs, cats, horses and other pets.

Animals have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They, like small children live in present moment and do not complicate the treatment with 'pychology', 'stories' or 'monkey mind'. Partly because of this, animals are profoundly affected by the instruments.

Below you will find some stories of the effect these instruments have had on animals. I can teach you to use the instruments with your pet and/or you can also see a positive response by using my "Return to Om" CD. The instruments are excellent for soothing, calming and reducing pain and anxiety in animals.

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Here are some exeriences from clients:

"Later in the evening after I got back home, I brought my three bowls over to where Flash was lying pretty peacefully. I started playing them at random at first and then found one that he appeared to respond to a little more. I then concentrated on that one with occasional strikes on the other two. Diane, it was remarkable! He went into a profound contentment/relaxation mode. I could tell because he had a couple of deep yawns, then a huge long stretch, followed by lying down on his side with another stretch. Amazingly, he then started to vocalize along with the bowls! This was not just a loud purr. These sounds came from someplace else in his nose and throat and were definitely different from a purr. It鈥檚 hard to describe but was something like a cross between a moan and a hum.I took Flash back to our regular vet on Friday. His feeding tube was removed because he was doing so well." Simon, Phoenix

"Yesterday I was walking with my dog and she was attacked by some neighbor dogs. They didn't break skin; I think it was just a warning that she was in their territory. She came into the house and was clearly a little traumatized. I gave her some Rescue Remedy which she drank up and then brushed her to make sure there were no wounds. She still wasn't perking up. Then I played the singing bowl for her. I started out with the lower tones. After striking a particular higher tone she looked up and stared at the bowl. After awhile she went into a deeper state of relaxation, breathed deeply (she'd been panting) and stretched out on her back. After my little "concert" she was able to go back outside."Hannah, New Mexico

Here are 2 stories from a veterinarian I taught Tibetan bowls to:

"My friend is a dog trainer . She has a black lab-pitbull cross that is ferociously dog aggressive but selectively. He seems to sort out the individuals (puppies) that have physiologic, physical difficulties. Nevertheless his behaviour is not good for business or family relations. His aggressive mode is triggered like a switch and she says it takes the whole day to recover. I have worked with him twice with the bowls and she revealed to me that he can 'come back' now in minutes. She had never explained the whole day involvement before this. She has learned a lot about aggression/relationship factors in dogs and accomplished quite a lot. The prolonged recovery was not improved by any of her 'training' methods. She has been working for 2 1/2 years with him. The inroad that the bowls provided is magnitude beyond words."

" "T" is a very large, handsome 17 year old used up Hannoverian. He did not make it to Grand Prix Dressage but very close and anything he did was pure heart. His body was distorted and strained in every detail. When I first started working on him 7 months ago, he would snap and threaten to kick but somehow he had some incredible ethic and would never hurt his handlers. He could not tolerate affectionate touch either, however. He would lift his head ever so high out of reach of touch. On Friday I was asked to work on him after a 3 month gap.(with Tibetan bowls) This time, he angled over and stood with his head pressed into a corner of the corral. He derived support and self-control from the containment he created. He went into a very serious thoughtful, assessing frame of mind. This time he did not have resentment, however. He did not move the entire time. When we finished, I backed him up a step or two and went to his face, took his muzzle in my hands and kissed him on the nose. He acted shocked but not offended. He stood very still for some moments, then breathed, lowered his head and came over to me to touch me with his muzzle. The next day he was moving much more freely and had regained his sense of humor. His body had become a prison through his competition years and putting it back in order, relieving the enormous discomfort and dysfunction is his key to freedom. He is an amazing fellow." Ann, AZ

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